Say Thank You

On May 23, 2024, the U.S. Senate unanimously voted in favor of the National Plan to End Parkinson’s Act. This followed the favorable December vote by the U.S. House, sending the bill to President Biden for his approval. My reaction? Shock! After more than 200 years of studying this snowflake condition – the fastest-growing neurological condition on the planet – we are witness to the most historic action ever to occur in the Parkinson’s community. We can now move forward toward funding cohesive research which, coupled with Al (artificial intelligence), has the potential to bring an end to and provide effective treatment for, people with Parkinson’s disease.

We are out to change the world and your immediate help is crucial!!! Those who know the inside story are asking us to thank our legislators, an action much easier than you can imagine. Below is a link to the spot on the Michael J. Fox website where you thank your legislators. You will complete a very short form – name, address – and the website pulls up the Congressional representatives for your jurisdiction. Please take this simple step NOW!!

You may want to “tell your story” BUT first say thank you!! If we wait to write what we want to say, it may not get done and will certainly take longer. Even if you respond quickly, there is no assurance anyone will read it. Many well-intended folks will delay and end up doing nothing. If we all, with the touch of a few buttons, say thank you, the impact is far greater. Congress hears the voices of millions and understands we will not remain stagnant.

SAY THANK YOU NOW. After you have said thank you, write your story to your heart’s content.

Please share this information with anyone and everyone.


Jane Rice Williams