Parkinson’s in Motion Hosting Book Discussion in London

LONDON — Jane Rice Williams is the director of Parkinson’s in Motion, and she is ever-determined to try to put a stop to the progressive disorder.

Williams will be holding a three-part book discussion on Ending Parkinson’s Disease: A Prescription for Action by Dr. Ray Dorsey, Dr. Todd Sherer, Dr. Michael S. Okun, and Dr. Bastiaan Bloem. Dorsey is a professor of neurology and director of the Center for Human Experimental Therapeutics at The University of Rochester Medical Center. The book discusses ending Parkinson’s and potential causes of the disease, such as harsh herbicides like paraquat.

“I just recently found out through my own genetic testing (that) there is nothing in my genetic makeup to indicate I would develop Parkinson’s. and the reason that is so important is because we used to be told Parkinson’s was a genetic disorder. We thought (that) for many years but now we know pesticides and chemicals are causing problems,” said Williams.

Paraquat’s link to Parkinson’s is the subject of a national lawsuit. Williams believes she may have been exposed to this chemical and others through efforts to get rid of Kudzu when she was younger, and she does not want to see this happen to her children, grandchildren, or anyone else.

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